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Saree like a boss💃

Hello hello my beautiful people 🌸 I hope you all are doing great. I am super excited to share today’s post with you all because it’s related to my forever love: saree❣️ It’s a collaboration post with one of my closest friend, Priyanka. I wanted to keep this post as candid as possible, so we will be doing a story time today❣️

We (mostly Priyanka) stalked literally every other human on Instagram who posted something in a saree to get some inspiration, but TBH nothing worked. So, we decided which saree we want to wear and then styled our sarees according to our comfort.

So, we decided to meet at 2:30 pm. Yes!!!!! 2:30pm because your girl was going to change into a saree in a mall’s washroom, very exciting I know.

We started draping the saree and realised, something was wrong (my life) and guess what it was, it was the saree fall which was stitched on the opposite side😂😂 (yea, we were the hot topic among the aunties in the washroom 😎)

Here comes the SUPERHEROINE, Priyanka’s best friend Poulami who came like a Farishta and literally draped the saree on me.

We got ready and headed towards the location and sweated the fuck out of us before getting clicked.

After a lot of trial and error, we came with some cool pictures. Have a look😉

Look how dope we look!

I wore a floral saree with a white off-shoulder top.

Priyanka chose to wear this beautiful saree with an old classic white shirt.

Priyanka kept the look very simple, she wore a nice silver neckpiece and some comfortable flats.

I decided to go a little extra with the pallu. Because the saree was doing a lot on its own, I kept the rest of the things very simple. I wore my silver hoops and black boots.

To complete the look, Priyanka wore a black thick belt to accentuate the beautiful curves she has and I completed the look with my old trusty denim jacket.

Quick tip- when you cannot decide how to do your accessories right! Just keep one thing in your mind that when you pair your accessories from the same colour palette or of the same colour, you can never really go wrong.

As you can see, Priyanka paired the whole look with a nice black sling bag because it matches the belt she was wearing and I paired my look with a brown cute bag which was appropriate for this floral look.

With that being said, we comes to the end of the blog. I hope you enjoyed the it, and it helps you out in any way possible.

Don’t forget to like, share and comment. Let us know what do you think about these looks.

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Until next time, gooodi-goodi byeee🌸

Summer outfits 💃

Hello hello my beautiful people 😍 I hope you all are doing good. As you can see from the title, we are going to talk about some colourful summer outfits. Yes, you read it right, we are doing colourful outfits and I am so happy about it because I love colours ♥️ Let’s begin 😍1. Colourful bottomsA very easy way to add colour to your outfit is by choosing colourful bottoms. It looks as if you have put a lot of effort to create an outfit but in reality you just paired some basics with colourful bottoms.

So, for first look- I decided to wear my side striped red bottoms with a white button down shirt. To complete the look, I wore a black tube top over my white shirt and black pointed boots. This look is perfect when you have an event or when you need to slightly dress-up.

Red bottoms- Local marketWhite shirt- h&mBlack tube top- MaxBlack pointed boots- Zara

For second look, I paired my side striped yellow linen pants with a black top which has this Rainbow piping detailing at the neck and sleeves area. The pants are so comfortable and the detailing in top makes it more cute. To complete the look, I wore my black suede boots and black sling bag.

Yellow pants- Stalk buy loveBlack top with rainbow piping and black sling bag- SheinBlack seude boots- h&m2. Easy-breezy summer dresses

Another easy way is by playing with some breezy colourful summer dresses. So, for this look I wore my off shoulder yellow dress which has these beautiful sleeves and then belted it up with a thin black belt. For accesories, I wore my cute little golden neckpiece. Red bandana, black sling bag and nude heels to complete the look.

Yellow dress- local marketHeels- Westside stores3. Cover-ups/ shrugs/ shirts

This is for those girls who don’t like wearing very bright/colourful outfits. What you can do is, wear a basic outfit and then add cover-ups/shrugs/shirts for that pop of colour.

You can do this trick with your accessories as well. A pop of colour with your earrings/shoes/bags/ hair accessories etc can style up your outfit.
Here are some options where I styled some basic outfits with shirt/shrugs/kimono.

Red kimono- MaxYellow shrug- Forever 214. Colourful tops

Last but not the least, the easiest way is by styling some fun colourful tops for casual looks. Here are some options where I styled my tops:-

Orange polka dot top- Forever21Maroon t-shirt- thriftedThat’s it for today’s blog ❣️ I hope you find something helpful from this blog. If you liked what you saw then please follow me on Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/_dressandexpress_/Until next time my beautiful people🌸🌸🌸🌸Goodi goodi byeeeeee🌸🌸🌸🌸

Indo-western lookbook ft. My maxi dress♥️

Hellow beautiful people ❣️ I hope you all are doing good. I know I have been MIA for a long time, but now, I am back 🌸

Summers can be very harsh, majority of us don’t really prefer wearing skin hugging outfits and that’s where a flowy maxi dress can be a saviour. A maxi dress is a must have piece in your wardrobe. It is versatile and looks hella cute on every height and body shape.

So, for this blog I decided to style my maxi dress in five different ways ❣️ Let’s get started with the fashion show💃

1. The basic girl🌸

Starting off the blog with the most basic look which probably everyone go for and that is styling the maxi dress with a t-shirt.
So, my tip would be to style your maxi with complementary colours rather than styling it with black and white t-shirts only. It will add colour to your outfit and that’s what we need for summers. Second tip would be to wear your t-shirt inside (if you have a strapy dress) or outside just the way I did. Pair them with sneakers or your comfortable boots to give some height to the outfit ❣️

I added some hoop earrings to complete the look♥️

Maxi dress- Pantaloons

Yellow top- Romwe

Black boots and denim jacket- h&m

Hoops- Forever21

2. Go for monochrome or Layer it with a short kurti

I decided to go all pink. I paired my pink short kurti which made it look like I am wearing a kurti and skirt. I decided to belt it up to give some shape to the outfit, if you don’t like it with a belt you can obviously wear it as it is ❣️

To add some colour, I decided to go with my blue silver earrings, a high knot and black boots💃

Pink short kurti- Maxfashion

3. Layer it with a kurta shrug/ long kurtis

Okay, so for this one I decided to do a simple DIY. I took my blue long kurti, and cut it from the centre only from front to create a shrug.

Blue and pink complemented each other so well. I decided to pair it with silver earrings and a thin black belt just to give my maxi dress a little shape. I kept the boots and top knot same.

Blue kurti/shrug- Libas

4. Layer it with a skirt

For this look, I decided to layer my maxi with my long denim skirt and the belt it up with a thick black belt.

And finally added this yellow shrug to complete the look🌸

Denim skirt- Westside store

5. Play with fabric and patterns

For the last look, I decided to pair my yellow shrug which is different in material in comparison to maxi. Adding colours, prints and different fabrics makes your outfit look much better and appealing.

I used the same black thick belt and belted it neatly to create this look.

Yellow shrug – Forever21

I know, I have kept the boots same in every look and that is because these pictures were taken during a photowalk and I was already carrying many things with me.

That’s it for today’s fashion show. I hope you liked it and that these looks help you out, the next you style your maxi dress next time.

Let me know what you think of the outfits.

Until next time 🌸 Goodi goodi bye😘💃

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Cute outfits ft. Bandana ♥️

Hellow there beautiful people ❣️ I hope you all are doing well. So, long story short, I was trying to take self-portraits today like casually. I tried different things and all that jazz and pictures were coming goooood 😭❣️ So, I shot all these looks by myself. I am going to share three looks which will be accessorized by a BANDANA which I got from Shein. Let’s just begin💃

1. Pair it with a cute dress 👗

For the first look, I chose my cute blue and white striped dress which I got from Westside from kid’s section. So, my tip is that pair your bandana with contrasting colors or the colors that complement each other. I think light blue and red complement eachother so well!

I made a high bun and put my bandana like this💃 Mom said, I look like a kid😂

2. White, black and Red❣️

For second look, I paired three colors which complement eachother so well and those are white, black and red❣️ I paired my white shirt with a black & white polka dotted pencil skirt. Red bandana to finish the look💃

What do you think about this look? It reminds me of 70s fashion 😍❣️

3. Denim outfit for the win😎

If you know me well, you will know that I am definitely obsessed with denims. This time, it’s a little experimental but I love how it turned out. I wore my denim shirt and then wore my denim skirt over my bust area and put a black belt around my waist to give some shape to my outfit. Red bandana and open hair to complete the look.

That’s it for today’s blog. I hope it helps you in anyway. Let me know your favourite look.

I took alot of pictures today. If you want to see them, you can follow me on Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/_dressandexpress_/

I will see you all next time 🌸

🌸Goodi goodi bye🌸

Winter College Outfit Ideas with a Denim jacket

Helllowww beautiful people! I hope you all are doing well. Today, I am going to show you 5 different outfits using my denim jacket!

Let’s just begin with the fashion show (jk)

1. Denim on denim on denim for Monday💙

Yaaaas, I did the triple denim outfit and I loved it! It’s comfortable, stylish and fashionable. It’s pretty basic, denim jeans with denim shirt which is tied behind and a denim jacket over it! A pair of navy blue kicks and my same old bagpack to complete the look!

I love the badass vibes this outfit gives😂😂 Also, sometimes I am fortunate enough at finding such color co-ordinated background 😂

2. A Dress for Tuesday🌚

Okayyy! For Tuesday, I paired my grey dress with black tights and boots! A black belt to give some shape to my outfit and a denim jacket to complete the look!

No bagpack because I had to carry pens and my phone for college that day😂 (sorry not sorry)

3. Skirt for Wednesday

For Wednesday, I paired my long denim skirt with a black high-neck and denim jacket over it! Black converse to complete the look.

I think, the title should be “kinds of denim on denim”😂😂 right?

4. Culottes for Thursday

I paired my black striped culottes with a red warm top and denim jacket to complete the look! The twist is that, I buttoned my denim jacket in a assymetric way and kept it like that because faaashun😂😂 jk.

Also, I figured out that I look like an egg😂😂😂 Anyway, I love the assymetrical look of the jacket!

5. Layering for Friday 🕺

I know, we don’t really need layering in Kolkata. Atleast, I don’t. But this outfit is for those days when you leave early in the morning and come late in the evening. Don’t judge, okay?😂😂

Coming to the outfit, I paired my blue denim jeans with denim shirt and a white sweatshirt over it. Denim jacket and navy blue kicks to complete the look!

Well, bhai said that I look like a sumo. Yaa right 😒 but I think that I look dope 😂😂 it’s Streetstyle brother 😂



That’s it for today’s blog! Let me know what do you think about the looks and which one is your favourite!


To know more about me🙈🙈 and the details about the outfits obviously 😂 , you can follow me on Instagram!


Last minute Diwali OUTFIT ideas!

Hellow my beautiful people. I hope you all are doing well. Alot of you requested for Diwali/festive outfit ideas, so here it is. I apologise for being late but today was the very dead line for me too!

So, here I come up with four exiting festive looks which you can probably manage in one day! I hope that it helps you guys!

Let’s begin!

1. DIY Paper bag lehenga.

This outfit is for those girls who want to look out of the box on this Diwali. I made this paper bag lehenga with my mom’s saree and paired it with a pink kurti and golden earrings.

You can easily find a pretty saree in your mom’s wardrobe and all you gotta do is to pair it with a pretty kurta/choli/blouse/crop top and some heavy earrings.

Very easy to create. Isn’t it?

Arms by Jeffin Mathew😂😂

I love how this look turned out! It is something which you can wear for Diwali dinner parties/card parties/family get together etc.

2. Got nothing to wear!

We all say this literally everyday and this can happen on Diwali as well. Well, I have nothing to wear😭

So, I created this look for the lazy girls like me who are lazy enough to not get dressed up but always want to look on point!

I wore my black basic jeans with bell-sleeves black top and a light bright yellow dupatta which is draped as saree pallu, sliver jewelry to complete the look.

You can wear this to a Diwali mela or for Choti Diwali night! Very easy to walk in and Edgy to look at!

I love this outfit as it is so unique and comfortable! The point of this outfit was to go monochrome and then add a dupatta on it! You can use skirt/palaazo/dhoti pants/culottes etc if you want to replace jeans!

3. Under a budget outfit!

If you want something new for Diwali but don’t want to empty your pockets, you can easily create a outfit under budget.

You just have to chose bright colours with some golden work on it!

I didn’t create this outfit under a budget as it was in my wardrobe already!

But, I went to the market to know the prices of similar pieces I am showing you!

Patiyala/ Dhoti pants- ₹200/-

Kurta with light golden work- ₹200/-

Dupatta and zari- ₹300/-

Such a bright and colourful outfit under 1k! Isn’t it so cool?

They key is to have patiyala and dupatta of same colour and kurta of different but they all should be bright and contrasting to each other.

4. A yellow saree!

If you cannot figure out about what to wear on Diwali. I would highly suggest you to go for a yellow saree. I believe that yellow is such a festive colour and it looks great on everybody.

I am wearing my mom’s saree with my red tank top as blouse. To complete the look I wore marigold flowers with my low bun! Golden earrings and a red bindi to complete the look!

Trust me it’s the prettiest of all outfits!

Plus it is sanskari as well!

If your mom has a yellow saree, go grab it and pair it with your crop tops/shirts if you don’t have a blouse!

With this, we come to an end. I hope that these outfits help you out in your Diwali outfit. These are all last minute outfits!

A little request from all of you, don’t fire crackers this Diwali as we are already living in a hazardous air quality.

Have a safe Diwali guys! Eat all the yummmy food, decorate your houses and have a quality time with your close ones.

Until next time!

Goodi goodi bye 🌸🌸🌸🌸


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Tom boy V/S Girly girl

A warm welcome from us! We hope you all are doing well. As you can see by the title, we are doing something unique. This blog is in collaboration with another talented fashion blogger Tripti chandak!

Let me introduce ourselves to you!

Firstly, meet our fashionably cool tomboy i.e., Tripti

And your girl, who is playing as a girly girl i.e., Daizy (me).

Okay! Back to the point that is the blog, we will be showing you five spectacular looks for different places/occasions etc and you will get to see how differently a tomboy and a girly girl would dress up for the very same.

I remember how it started raining when we met that day! But we decided to shoot and ended up with such great photos!

Let’s begin😛

1. College Day😎

For college outfit, I chose to wear my pink maxi dress and yellow top over it with a knot! Denim jacket and tan heels to complete the look! Quite girly?

Tripti chose to wear a black graphic t-shirt with black side striped pants! Checked Shirt dress worn as long shirt and black sneakers to complete the look! Also, how cool is that bag?

We both ended up doing layering for our college day! What do you think?

2. Girls Day Out🐒

For Girls day out, we both ended up wearing dresses!

I am wearing this pretty off-shoulder yellow dress, golden necklace and tan heels to complete the look! Also, how can we forget my DIY bandana 😛

Tripti decided to wear a checked shirt dress and silver chunky sneakers to complete the look!

You can see how you can change the look of a dress just by pairing them with different accessories.

To get more creative, we used props! I used a white flower and she used helmet as prop. How cool are we? 😂

I personally love this look and the location that we found for this look is my favourite. Also, we discovered that we both are tea-lovers.

3. Office look😳

For office look, Tripti created this very cool outfit! A green Zara dress paired with black side striped pants, black blazer and black sneakers to complete the look!

I decided to wear this pretty yellow kurta with black striped culottes, black dupatta and black heels to complete the look.

We were so much co-ordinated without even trying. Trust me we didn’t planned our looks together.

4. Home party👯‍♀️

For home party, I decided to wear my little black crop top with red pants, black boots and black sling bag to complete the look.

Tripti decided to wear this very cool outfit where she paired a printed polo-tshirt with torn boyfriend jeans. A colourful checked shirt and black sneakers to complete the look.

We pretty much complimented each other! What do you think?

5. The wedding look👰

For wedding, I decided to wear a half saree with black jeans and black off-shoulder top! A wide black belt and black boots to complete the look!

Tripti decided to wear a monochrome outfit. All white outfit with blue dupatta, black belt and silver sneakers to complete the look.

We had so much fun shooting this. We were pretty much co-ordinated in each and every look!

For college we wore layers 😎

For girls day out we wore dresses😍

For office we wore black pants 😎

For home party we used bright Colors🌸

For wedding we both wore belts! 👯‍♀️

This was such a co-incidence 😵

A mall’s washroom was our changing room and we got all the eyes on us on that day! Everyone was like wtf are they even doing?

Doesn’t matter, the rain couldn’t stop us and I am glad that we succeeded.

Let me know your favourite look from the blog and what type of girl are you? Tomboy or girly girl?

I am a mix of both😛

Until next time🌸

Gooodi-goodi bye 🌸😘

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Link to tripti’s blog- http://www.thevytblackblogbox.wordpress.com

Do check that out!

Also, the very talented photographer- https://instagram.com/pallab0504/

Have a good day🌸🌸🌸🌸

Kurti Lookbook// Daizy Yadav

Hellow there beautiful people! I hope you all are doing well. I am alive and back with a requested blog! As you can see by the title, we are going to do some kurti-outfits today. I am someone who keeps everything basic and one thing out of the box! Which according to me makes a bomb outfit.

All the outfits are very sanskaari and doesn’t expose much skin but still they look different and extra! I am showing five outfits today.

Let’s begin🐒

1. Denim on denim✔️

Who says indian outfits cannot do denim on denim? We surely can do denim on denim and look extra af with kurti inside! Have a look:-

I wore my blue jeans and blue bandhej kurti! Denim jacket and white shoes to complete the look. It is sanskaari and stylish as well! Isn’t it?

2. Go colorful❣️

I love how Indian wear comes with multiple beautiful colors and different prints/patterns. I tried something different with this look. Let me know your opinions

This kurti was very wierd but I loved the Colors! I thought of cutting it from bottom till this length and get it fitted. But I am from the special category of humans(lazy hoomans), so I folded up the kurti from the bottom and added a belt for that extra fitting from waist area! Semi-patiyala and tan heels to complete the look! For that extra touch, I kinda braided two dupattas!

3. Fusion Day🌸

For fusion, I decided to go with my favourite maxi-kurta. Trust me, you should totally invest in this kind of kurta. It looks so different and something which can totally make you stand out of the crowd.

I paired my denim jacket and black boots to complete the look.

4. Pweeeeeeety in white

I think, a white kurti is a must in one’s wardrobe. It can be dressed up or dressed down according to the need.

My kurti is not so basic, it’s pink, white and very flowy. I ditched my boring pink leggings and wore my blue jeans. Pink dupatta worn as choker and tan heels to complete the look!

5. Basics!

If you know me, you know that how I much I love basics and it has to be in kurti as well! I don’t own a basic/ solid colour kurti, so I am wearing my black dress as a kurti!

My concept was, Short solid colour kurti with denims and black boots. Wore my yellow printed dupatta as a shrug/cover-up and belted it up for the complete look!



I hope it was worth the wait and that it really helped you out. If you recreate something from the above looks, tag me or send me your photo! I would love to see you.

Let me know which is your favourite outfit/kurti from the entire blog.




Until next time! 🌸

Goodi goodi bye🐒

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The place where creators of God reside – KUMORTULI

Hellow everyone, This is Daizy Yadav who recently visited the place where creators of God and Godesses reside.

I have this deep amazement and curiosity over the

intricate beauty of the idols of Goddess Durga during the Durga Puja Festival and always had a curiosity about how they are made.

Finally, I got an opportunity to explore Kumortuli, which is one of the cultural area of Kolkata. This place is the alley of the potters, where gods and goddesses are born in the skilled hands of mud sculptors who are totally dedicated in the making process.

As soon as we reached Kumortuli, I was amazed to see the narrow lanes of this place. Adding to my astonishment, the artisans live here with their families.

They have set up their own studios for pottery and idol making. Their studios are in congested areas with no proper ventilation and with small windows.

As for equipment and materials, they use clay, straw, ropes, bamboo sticks and two skillful hands that transform the shapeless mound of clay into a beautiful idol of goddess Durga.

If you love art and find peace in that, then you should definitely visit Kumartuli.

Until next time! Byeeee 🌸🌸🌸🌸

All the photos are clicked by this talented friend of mine- https://www.instagram.com/pallab0504/

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Playing with my WHITE SHIRT🌸

Helllowwww everyone, I hope you are doing well! As you can see from the title, today I am going to style my white shirt in three different ways! I am keeping the whole outfit same, and showing you how a shirt can be tied up in three different ways!

Why I am doing this? It’s because white shirt is so essential, and always tucking it in or keeping it out is so boring😑 and because MERI MARZI 😂😂😂😂

Let’s begin🌸🌸

Things I am using are-

1. White shirt obviously

2. Black jeans

3. Black boots

4. DIY bandana

5. Golden necklace



Sorry for the name lol😂 Okay, jokes apart, let’s talk about the look. I kept the last two-three buttons open and then grabbed the shirt and made a knot at the back. It sounds wierd but looks super nice.

✓ Criss-cross 😵

Very bad at keeping names😂! So, for this look what I did was- I kept the last two- three buttons open and grab the left side of shirt and tucked it in on the right side and vice-versa. Looks super cool and trendy!

✓ Classic knot

Good name! Yusss😂😂 Okay, for this again I kept the last two-three buttons open and took the shirt and made a knot. That’s it.

This was the last look👆

I really hope that you find it helpful in any way possible 🌸 I tried my best to make the looks relatable and fashionable at the same time.

Let me know what do you think about the looks and also, what is your favourite look?

If you try any of these, don’t forget to tag me in your photos!

Until next time 🌸

Gooodi-goodi bye🌸🌸

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